We invite you and your team to step into an amazing world, the world of circus. Here you will share new challenges and experiences. It will give you the opportunity to freely explore boundaries, reset them and break with existing patterns.

Anne-Marie (coach) and Michel (acrobat) offer teambuilding using circus-games for teams who want to improve their effectiveness within a short span of time and are prepared to do that in a playful and creative way.

Anne-Marie and Michel believe that people can develop with much ease when  they become aware of what they experience with their head, heart and body. Learn through feeling, discussing and physical experiences!

To achieve this integral way of learning Anne-Marie and Michel created an exceptional combination  of circus-games and coaching.

The program is always custom-fit, specially developed according to the themes that are of importance for your team. Issues that could be relevant are for example: trust, involvement, communication, identity, being complementary as a team, and using its differences positively.

By means of exercises and reflection the qualities of your team will become obvious as will the points in need of attention. This will result in a vision for your team that then will be performed by means of circus.

During the program of the participants will experience the fructuous combination of the playful and cheerfully light and spontaneity of circus-games with the serious character of team development.

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Teambuilding using Circus-games

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